Violent Crime Defense Lawyers in Knoxville Protect You in Court

Violent crimes are serious charges, so you need attentive attorneys

Most violent crimes in Tennessee fall under a felony classification, which means that you will need to retain an experienced lawyer to defend your interests in court. The dedicated lawyers at Menefee & Brown, P.C. have ample experience defending clients against violent crime charges. Our attentive team will work harder than other firms to explore all elements of your case and find the best avenues for the defense of your specific situation.

Assault and battery in Tennessee

The state of Tennessee takes a strong stance against assault and battery, and if you have been charged with misdemeanor or felony assault, you may be facing a difficult battle. Assault and battery means that the state believes that you have done one of the following, as defined by Tennessee Code Annotated 39-13-101:

  • Intentionally or knowingly caused physical contact with someone that they would regard as offensive or provocative
  • Intentionally or knowingly caused another to reasonably fear imminent injury
  • Intentionally, knowingly or recklessly caused bodily injury to someone

A number of individual crimes fall under the umbrella of Tennessee violent crimes, including aggravated assault, assault with a deadly weapon, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, domestic assault and battery.

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