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A divorce that involves a marriage with minor children often includes the complicated issues of child custody and child support. Determining a fair child support agreement is often one of the most challenging and contentious issues in a divorce, so you are best served to have an experienced team like the attorneys at Menefee & Brown, P.C. on your side to ensure a positive agreement. These complex issues may seem confusing, but our dedicated legal team keeps you informed as we work through the process.

How is child support calculated in Tennessee?

Tennessee child support payments are no longer simply percentages of one parent’s income. The state provides a child support calculator tool that determines how payments should be disbursed. A number of factors contribute to the calculator figures, including:

  • Custody and time each child will spend with each parent
  • Each parent’s income
  • The amount each parent pays for the support of other children
  • Amounts paid for insurance and childcare

This information is utilized and a percentage of the parents’ combined income is ascribed as the amount needed to support the child. This amount is then split based on the child custody schedule, and any necessary child support payments will be determined based on this plan. The results of the child support calculator are generally accepted by the court without much argument, so it is important to use accurate information.

Can child support agreements be altered or modified?

In short, yes. As child support payments are income-based, should there be a significant change in income by the support-paying parent, a petition can be submitted to either increase or reduce support payments. Should a parent become unemployed, or conversely gain lucrative new employment, such a petition will often affect support payments if the significant change in income can be proved. The capable lawyers at Menefee & Brown, P.C. have valuable experience on both sides of this equation and will make sure you secure the best possible child support agreement.

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