Knoxville Accident Law Firm

Accidents terrify us. In a split second, events beyond our control can irrevocably alter our lives. Injuries suffered as a result of accidents can leave you in perpetual pain, with growing stacks of medical bills, and without the ability to return to work in order to pay off those bills.

If you or a loved one suffers an injury as the result of negligence on the part of another party, you may be entitled to legal compensation for your physical, emotional, and financial pain and suffering. But what kinds of injuries warrant retaining a law firm?

The Knoxville accident attorneys at Menefee & Brown, P.C. list several such common types of accidents here. If you or a loved one has suffered any accident in the Knoxville area, contact an experienced law firm today. There is no such thing as a standard injury case.

For what injuries should I hire a Knoxville accident attorney?

The most common types of injuries that Knoxville car accident lawyers handle include:

  • Car wrecks
  • Wrongful death
  • Nursing home abuse or neglect
  • Defective or faulty products

Car wrecks

Automobile accidents are the primary cause of personal injuries in the United States. Victims of such accidents often believe their insurance companies will recognize their pain and suffering and compensate them appropriately. Sadly, this often does not occur. Many times, you must retain an experienced personal injury attorney to obtain rightful compensation from your insurance carrier.

Wrongful death

Wrongful death suits are legal actions brought by survivors of individuals who have died as the result of negligent actions by another party. Rules define who is entitled to bring a wrongful death lawsuit and complex formulas are used to determine the proper amount of compensation in such cases.

Nursing home abuse or neglect

When we place our elder family members in nursing homes, we do so expecting them to be looked after with a high standard of care. Many times, however, nursing home staff members can be guilty of neglect, sexual assault, theft, and other abuses of power. An experienced Knoxville law firm can help family members of the abused fight back in such cases.

Defective or faulty products

Manufacturers and businesses that make and sell products have a legal obligation to ensure those products are safe for consumers when they are used as intended. When unwitting consumers are harmed by improperly designed or manufactured products, the companies responsible may be held liable for damages those consumers suffer.

An experienced and reputable Knoxville accident law firm

If you are injured in an accident, are accused of a crime, or need assistance in a business matter or family law case, Menefee & Brown, P.C. is committed to providing superior and personalized legal representation. Contact us today to schedule a free initial consultation and to learn how the firm can obtain a successful resolution to your case.